Woodwork for Inventor allows for automated generation of product drawing bundles by a single command. The user can open any of their designed products and generate a chosen drawing bundle. These may include production drawings or documents for printing labels, etc. For a wooden item, these drawings may contain such important production information as the product’s dimensions, edge-banding, grain direction, generated hole coordinate tables, etc. Additionally, hole annotations can be derived and hole centermarks can be placed. All the entries identifying materials can be generated taking into account changes to materials set when generating the product specification.

Woodwork for Inventor enables flexible configuration of the composition and form of the drawing bundle being generated. When configuring Woodwork for Inventor drawing templates, the user can set different aspects for automatically generated documents. This allows the user to set the number, scale and visualization style of the projections generated for a given component, define a component visualization area in the sheet, set the composition of the components to be included in the documents, define grain direction, edge banding and other cover visualization, and set parameters to generate hole tables.

This functionality improves the standardization of issued documents and markedly increases the speed of completing the constructor’s tasks. 

                                            Example of generated documents