Woodwork for Inventor uses its own specification generator which allows for automatic generation of information required for furniture production based on the designed 3D furniture model (e. g. product structure, summary of materials and purchased components, cutting list, general list of parts, etc.).

All this information is derived in the form of a table in a MS Excel file. This allows you to easily and flexibly use this information in different production and business chains, for instance, in transferring data to the part cutting optimisation program or in submitting a specification for ordering materials.

The specification can be easily changed and adjusted to the company needs. It is simply enough to change the content of the specification template which is saved in MS Excel file format.

The renaming of materials and purchased items, based on the data provided in MS Excel tables, allows you to simply and effectively merge Woodwork for Inventor data to the data stored in other systems. For example, it is easy to change the codes of Woodwork for Inventor materials into the codes of the materials stored in an ERP system.

Woodwork for Inventor specification can be saved in its own individual file format. When forming a bigger order, it is possible to merge several specifications into a single production order, thus there is no need to merge products in the Autodesk Inventor environment.  Woodwork for Inventor specification files support the standard XML format, thus, if necessary, it is easy to create program tools that would read this file and to transfer its content to other systems. For example, the ERP system can use these files and automatically enter the product data for further use of information in production and business management. 

Woodwork for Inventor specification generator (BOM) now contains new important key words which allow providing more comprehensive information about the product.

You can now export the product numbering executed in the Autodesk Inventor specification (BOM) into the Woodwork for Inventor specification (BOM). In this way the numbers of the drawing positions can now also be configured in specifications generated in Woodwork for Inventor.

Secondly, new keywords have been added allowing you to integrate information about CNC machining into the reports generated by Woodwork for Inventor. This is important when organizing information for part labels.

Thirdly, there are now keywords available that allow indicating the parent component node. This can facilitate navigation through part drawings when tracking which assembly the part represented in the drawing has been included in. 

                           Specification generator