1. Go to www.woodworkforinventor.com and click “Try it for free”. Fill out a request form in the download trial window to download the trial version.

      2After you have completed the request form to download the trial version, click “Download” and you will receive a software download link to your email address.

  3. Click the download link and save the file on your computer.

  4Before you install the files, you must close Autodesk Inventor and MS Office programs.

  5Follow the steps in the installation guide, install the files.

  6. After the installation process is complete run the Autodesk Inventor.

  7. Once you start Autodesk Inventor, you will see a “Woodwork Design” tab on the menu bar. 

  8Now you have a Woodwork for Inventor trial version installed on your computer.

  9The trial version allows for a free 45 day evaluation of the complete feature set (except the editing of the material data base).

 10When the 45 day trial period expires, the user can keep using the software with some limitations on available features:

· automated generation of mortises and tenons is locked down; 
· use of prototypes and assembly copying is locked down;
· replacement of materials is locked down;
· specifications of materials and assemblies are locked down; 
·  CNC preparation is locked down. 


 11To use a full feature set of Woodwork for Inventor for an unlimited period of time, you must buy a stand-alone license and use it to activate the software trial version thus enabling the use of the software for an unlimited period of time.